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Our Mission


To serve and support developmentally disabled individuals by providing a safe, nurturing, and loving environment. Facilitate the need of each individual by maximizing independence in the areas of vocation, community, living and social integration.

Our Goals


  • To establish community integrated homes for individuals with developmental disabilities

  • To ensure services consistent with a social model based on the premise that the individuals’ unit or room is his or her home and will be respected as such

  • To promote optimal independence with activities of daily living by teaching and/or reinforcing normal routines

  • To always strive to maintain the  highest standard of quality services with emphasis on maintaining and promoting the optimal health of the person served

  • To provide a safe environment utilizing routine safety drills with  appropriate safety plans

  • To maximize and promote the abilities of individuals with disabilities through an array of services for social and economic independence

  • To ensure a belief system that honors each client as an individual deserving the best possible care regardless of race, color, gender, nationality or economic status

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